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Part Time
Duration 2 Months
Class 1.5Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri
Half Time
Duration 1 Months
Class 3 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri
Full Time
Duration 2.5 week
Class 4.5 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri


  •   Navigate in Microsoft Word.
  •   Create and Save Word Documents
  •   Manage Your Workspace
  •   Edit Documents
  •   Preview and Print Documents
  •   Customize the Word Environment

    Apply Character Formatting
  •   Control Paragraph Layout
  •   Align Text Using Tabs
  •    Display Text in Bulleted or Numbered Lists
  •    Apply Borders and Shading

  •   Make Repetitive Edits
  •   Apply Repetitive Formatting
  •   Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive
  •   Formatting Tasks

  •   Sort a List
  •   Format a List

  •   Insert a Table
  •    Modify a Table
  •   Format a Table
  •   Convert Text to a Table

  •   Insert Symbols and Special Characters
  •   Add Images to a Document

  •   Apply a Page Border and Color
  •    Add Headers and Footers
  •    Control Page Layout
  •   Add a Watermark

  •   Check Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
  •   Use Research Tools
  •   Check Accessibility
  •    Save a Document to Other Formats


  •   Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
  •   Create and Save a PowerPoint Presentation
  •   Use PowerPoint Help

  •   Select a Presentation Type
  •   View and Navigate a Presentation
  •   Edit Text
  •   Build a Presentation

  •   Format Characters
  •   Format Paragraphs
  •   Format Text Boxes

  •   Insert Images
  •   Insert Shapes

  •   Edit Objects
  •   Format Objects
  •   Group Objects
  •   Arrange Objects
  •   Animate Objects

  •   Create a Table
  •   Format a Table
  •   Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications

  •   Create a Chart
  •   Format a Chart


  •   Starting Excel
  •   Opening a Workbook
  •   Understanding the Display Screen
  •   Working with the Ribbon
  •   Exploring the File Tab
  •   Working with the Quick Access Toolbar
  •   Working with the Status Bar
  •   Switching Between Opened Workbooks
  •   Using Excel Help

  •   Moving the Cell Pointer
  •   Selecting a Range of Cells
  •   Creating a New Workbook
  •   Inserting, Renaming, and Deleting Worksheets
  •   Entering Constant Values
  •   Using Auto Fill to Enter Data
  •   Saving a Workbook
  •   Editing Cell Contents
  •   Clearing Cell Contents
  •   Working with Undo and Redo
  •   Closing a Workbook

  •   Entering Formulas
  •   Using Auto Fill with Formulas
  •   Using the SUM Function
  •   Summing Columns or Rows Automatically
  •   Using Statistical Functions
  •   Working with the Range Finder
  •   Using Formula Error Checking

  •   Copying and Pasting Constant Values and Formulas
  •   Cutting and Pasting Constant Values and Formulas
  •   Using Collect and Paste

  •   Formatting Numbers
  •   Changing the Font Format
  •   Aligning Cell Contents
  •   Merging Cells
  •   Adding Borders
  •   Applying Cell Styles

  •   Changing Column Width
  •   Changing Row Height
  •   Inserting and Deleting Columns or Rows
  •   Hiding Columns or Rows

  •   Working with AutoCorrect
  •   Checking Spelling
  •   using find and replace

  •   Using Print Preview
  •   Working with Print Settings
  •   Using Page Setup Tools
  •   Working in Page Layout View
  •   Creating a Header and Footer
  •   Using Page Break Preview
  •   Printing a Worksheet
  •   Exiting Excel

Carrier being a I.T.professional

There are wide range of carrier in computer science .Job Creation is also lot .
Now a days white color job is totaly finished,you need to have a Technical.
Compare to other computer education is cheap & feasable also thousands
of Courses & Carrier are available.

  • Counselling Office

    Alpha Technical Education
    F-321 Old M.B Road Lado Sarai Mehrauli New Delhi-30
    Near : PNB Bank Ladosarai

  • Phone

    Mob.: 9313033445, 8527394361,8800028177/178/179

  • Email

  • Campus

    Alpha Technical Education

    H.NO-345 Sector-91 Suryanagar, Phase-II
    Near : Gyashi Lal Sharma Kothi Faridabad
    Pincode: 121013





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